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Can you feel the VIVE?

Wake up, go to work, forget to eat, skip the gym to make time for other commitments, head home, repeat. Sound familiar? In today’s reality, free time seems like a thing of the past. Our passions for working hard at work, at school, at PTA, wherever it may be, has turned us into over-committed workaholics who are slowly forgetting not only the love for working out and staying healthy, but the need for it.

VIVE is a one of a kind twist on the mundane. Our life enriching patches will give you the fuel you need to get through your daily hustle and take back your life. This is your chance to take back your life and be the real you. Are you ready to feel the VIVE? Capture it now!


why VIVE

why VIVE

  • Nutrients are delivered directly through your skin into your bloodstream
  • This delivery method supports maximum absorption
  • Delivery over time increases the health benefits over the entire day
how to VIVE

how to VIVE

  • VIVE patches are designed to be worn for up to 24 hours
  • Patches should be changed daily and placed on dry/clean skin
  • You may wear up to three different variations of patches at the same time
where to VIVE

where to VIVE

  • We recommend a location where your skin feels the thinnest
  • Typical locations include, the inside of your wrist, top of your foot or your upper arm
  • Feel free to wear the patch in a location that is most comfortable to you


fitVIVE’s powerful formula, will work with your body throughout the day and help you stay on track with your wellness goals.

It’s time to take your health plan to the next level — while exercise and a proper diet fuel your body, fitVIVE will be working out, even when you’re not. fitVIVE’s powerful formula, will work with your body throughout the day and help you stay on track with your wellness goals. Adding fitVIVE to your health and wellness plan (paired with exercise and a proper diet) will help you be a better version of YOU.

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Our raving fans are feelin' the VIVE!

Ali, San Diego, CA
"I tried my first patch two months ago and it kicked in 15 minutes after I put it on! I felt tranquil and almost as if I took my anxiety medication! This is life changing!"

– Ali, San Diego, CA

Kierstin, Rosemont, IL
"4:30 AM alarms call for reVIVE! Over 15 hours later and both reVIVE and I are still going strong! Definitely kept a steady energy level all day. Loved bypassing the 3 PM energy slump, which would have had me begging for a nap after being up so early. Two thumbs up!"

– Kierstin, Rosemont, IL

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