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Our raving fans are feelin' the VIVE!

Ali, San Diego, CA
"I tried my first calmVIVE patch two months ago and it kicked in 15 minutes after I put it on! I felt tranquil and almost as if I took my anxiety medication!  This is life changing!"

– Ali, San Diego, CA

Michelle, Evergreen, CO
"This takes a lot for me to admit, as I am very stubborn. That being said, I tried the sleep patch last night and after my shower slapped on the revive....I'm not even at work yet and I feel ready to go! This will come in handy tomorrow when we're shoveling a foot of snow! Thank you!!"

– Michelle, Evergreen, CO

Dale, Chicago, IL
"zzzVIVE has been great.  I have been using this patch for 10 days with great results. I use this to cope with long hours at work. This helps me with better sleep to wake up refreshed and alert the next day."

– Dale, Chicago, IL

Katie, Hastings, MN
"I wore my calmVIVE patches through the weekend and Monday (which is always a tough work day) and NEVER felt stressed! I am a regular anti-anxiety and anti-depressant med user which never seem to be enough on weekends and Monday's but I surVIVED with my patches! Thank you, thank you!"

– Katie, Hastings, MN

Kierstin, Rosemont, IL
"4:30 AM alarms call for reVIVE! Over 15 hours later and both reVIVE and I are still going strong! Definitely kept a steady energy level all day. Loved bypassing the 3 PM energy slump, which would have had me begging for a nap after being up so early. Two thumbs up!"

– Kierstin, Rosemont, IL

Janet, Plymouth, MN
"Three weeks ago I started using Vive patches and I am so amazed. The sleep patch has really helped me get a better recuperative sleep. I am 52 years young with a stressful career. I am so glad I found this product."

– Janet, Plymouth, MN

Stacy, Plymouth, MN
"I am absolutely loving the reVIVE! I find that I don't feel as sluggish throughout my day and that I don't yawn all day like I used to. Can't wait to see what else they have to offer!!"

– Stacy, Plymouth, MN

Mike, San Diego, CA
“I love vitaVIVE. As a traveling business executive, I find that using the patch is a much more convenient and easy way to get my daily multi-vitamins in. I just put the patch on each day and I’m all set. The convenience and ease of this product has really changed my life.”

– Mike, San Diego, CA

Stacey, Chicago, IL
“As a brand new first time mom, I was not getting much sleep or restful sleep at that. I was nervous at first to try the patch because I didn’t want to have something knock me out and leave me unable to hear the baby in the night. I cautiously gave it a try and the results were amazing. I got the most restful nights sleep that I’ve gotten in a VERY long time. Also, waking up with my little guy for his night time feedings weren’t as draining as they had been in the previous weeks. I woke up easier and was able to go right back to sleep just as easy.”

– Stacey, Chicago, IL

Stephanie, San Diego, CA
“As a wife, business owner and mother of two, I found myself extremely exhausted 24/7. With low expectations, I finally decided to give reVIVE a try. After just one day of using the product I felt a complete difference in my energy level. After a few more days, I was more alert and excited to take on the events of the day. I would highly recommend reVIVE to anyone that is looking for that boost they need to get through the day.”

– Stephanie, San Diego, CA

Lissa, Otsego, MN
"ReVive has totally impacted my energy!  I used to start the day with an energy drink and usually need another in early afternoon.  Since starting reVive I have not had the afternoon tiredness I used to have, I don't feel like a nap first thing when I get home either.  The best part is that the energy lasts all day.  I'm able to get things done with the energy.  As a single mom of an infant that works 2 jobs, I need the energy and am so grateful to have found reVive!"

– Lissa, Otsego, MN

Jeff, Plymouth, MN
zzzVIVE is a great product.  I started using it during an extended travel schedule and found that I went to sleep faster, slept longer, and felt more rested upon waking up.  It is easy to use and has had no side affects that I have been able to identify.  I will continue to purchase and use zzzVIVE and I am now trying out the new immune booster patch as well based on the success of zzzVIVE.

– Jeff, Plymouth, MN

Andrew, Sevierville, TN
The calmVIVE patch and the zzzVIVE sleep patch are a must have. When I first tried them both, I literally slept all night. Up until then, I honestly couldn't tell the last time I slept all night without waking up, so that right there alone rings the bell for me. I also like the calmVIVE patch when the kiddos are here. It definitely keeps my nerves under control. I would def look into doing a monthly subscription!

– Andrew, Sevierville, TN

Kyle, San Diego, CA
My name is Kyle Trudelle of Trudelle Galleries. As a professional artist with a very demanding creative flow, and fluctuating event schedule, my body often needs assistance to maintain this lifestyle. I have tried countless amounts of supplements, energy drinks, sleep aids, dietary habits, etc. and have not found a product that has proven not only consistent but effective. This has resulted in many sleepless nights and too many sluggish days! Until through a friend I found out about VIVE. I, being terribly unsuccessful in achieving my sleep or energy through what has been on the market, was more than skeptical. Eventually after a few months I got ahold of a sample of (zzzVIVE) so I tried it that night! The next morning I was ridiculously surprised that I had actually slept through the night! This hasn't happened in years!! Naturally I thought it was a coincidence, and was eager to see what the next night would hold. For the next four nights without fail I slept all the way until morning!! As my final confirmation as to zzzVIVE's effectiveness I chose to go without the patch the fifth night. And I was back to my previous sleeping pattern. The following day gave me an opportunity to try the (reVIVE) patch as I was feeling sluggish from the lack of rest. This proved equally successful. The pleasant fact that my energy level was maintained throughout the day and I experienced no crash and no high, was the selling point for me!! Now that I have been using the VIVE patches for several months I have noticed a significant increase in my personal productivity, a great improvement in my personal mood and energy level, and a sense of rhythm to my creative flow! I'm so grateful to the creators of the VIVE Patches, for their research and dedication to providing not only an innovative product but personally the most effective one! 

– Kyle, San Diego, CA

Carol, Canton, GA
I was actually surprised at the difference in my attitude at work the week I wore the calmVIVE patch. I seemed to handle situations better and had a calm demeanor when normally I'd be gritting my teeth.

– Carol, Canton, GA

Katy, Houston, TX
I am very cautious about supplements and medication in general, but I was so curious that I had to give VIVE a try.  The ingredients are simple yet high quality, so there was nothing to lose.  I told myself that if I noticed any adverse effects, I could just take the patch off!  What other supplement has this added benefit? I used the reVIVE patches, and I'm happy to say that they work great.  I have the energy to run around after my 3 kids all day without feeling the late afternoon slump.  My biggest fear was that it would make me feel jittery or in a fog, but I felt as alert and energized as I would after a good workout (without those pesky sugar and caffeine crashes that I typically experience with my normal morning and afternoon coffee routine).

– Katy, Houston, TX

Beth, Saint Paul, MN
OMG the #zzzVIVE is amazing!!! I haven't woken up so refreshed and ready for the day in years!!!

– Beth, Saint Paul, MN