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What does VIVE mean?

VIVE gives you the chance to take back your life and be the REAL YOU.  You know that added know that added boost you've been searching for to get through your daily hustle, take back and be in control of your life - each and every day?  These small, but powerful patches provide just what you've been looking for.

From better mental clarity or a little energy boost, to waking up feeling replenished and well rested and calming your mind, VIVE puts a healthful and unique twist on your daily routine.

It is a technology that allows us to tackle the things that are most relevant in our lives — right now — and help stop us from becoming those people who are slowly forgetting not only the love for working out and staying healthy, but the need for it.

It is our firm belief that VIVE can mean freedom — freedom from working for anyone else, freedom to be with your family and freedom to create something that can help people — and we will constantly strive to bring that to each and every one of our raving fans.

Are YOU ready to feel the VIVE?

About the Founders

Michael & Stephanie Hello! We, Michael and Stephanie, founders of VIVE, are excited to meet you – or we should say, we’re excited to VIVE with you!

We have both always had a passionate, entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to create something of our own. Something we could enjoy together and with our two daughters (aka - The Girls). So, one day we sat down and took a good look at our life. We looked at the things that were really great and the things we struggled with.

Our passions for working hard has turned us into over-committed workaholics who are slowly forgetting not only the love for working out and staying healthy, but also the need for it. We realized that ‘something of our own’ we wanted to create could also be something that would allow us the freedom to maintain both our health and family time – all of the time!

Something we both had a hard time with was taking supplements regularly. To be honest, we just found them to be a pain in the butt to take. When we started to look into what other options were out there, we discovered transdermal patch technology – and fell in love with it immediately!

Initially we just started looking into the product for personal use, but quickly found it difficult to find a product that we felt met our needs of all natural high quality ingredients.  After coming up short over and over again, we decided enough was enough. It was time for us to get a product we wanted AND bring it to market for everyone to experience.  This is where VIVE was born. It has given us the fuel we need to get through our daily hustle and take back our lives for both our self, and The Girls!

So again welcome to VIVE, and now we just need to ask — Are you ready to feel the VIVE with us?